Limmud Johannesburg

Sometimes everything comes together, and that’s what happened at Limmud Johannesburg, an international festival of Jewish learning at which I was scheduled to present.

A Glorious Morning at Limmud Johannesburg

A Glorious Morning at Limmud Johannesburg

I was looking forward to the event — and not just for what it was. I’d previously presented on four continents, and with my first presentation, on the Dead Sea Scrolls, that number would rise to five. (I’m trying to collect the whole set of continents. I’m working on Australia now. But until Russian scientists decide that the best way to mark the end of six months of winter is by studying ancient texts, Antarctica will be a significant challenge.)

In addition to the Dead Sea Scrolls, I’d planned to talk about the history of Hebrew, Bible translation, and, of course, the Bible’s cutting room floor — all based on my books. It was set to be a typical weekend for me.

Indaba Hotel and Conference Centre

Indaba Hotel and Conference Centre

Welcome to Limmud Johannesburg

Welcome to Limmud Johannesburg

What I didn’t expect was everything else. The “hotel” — in the outer suburbs of Johannesburg — was practically a resort. The food was delicious and plentiful. The attendees were unusually fun and particularly engaging. And I had a wonderful time with my fellow presenters.

Having organized conferences in the past, I know how hard it is. So I’m both grateful and a little in awe of what the organizers put together there.

I hope I’ll have the opportunity some day to return.


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